Nintendo Pin Up Apron by Bambino Amore

Marion Apron BA

Bambino Amore uses the classic colors we all know and love to turn the basic plumber’s outfit into this vintage style beauty. Adding details around the Pin Up shape of the apron, the store owner was able to retain the idea of the blue overall shape complete with gold buttons and straps. The result, an over-alls dress apron that will come in handy for summer Potluck dinners and 4th of July BBQs alike. Mario’s “M” marks this beautiful piece with the ultimate mark of approval, the notion that without a doubt this is an awesome rendition of the Mario Brothers Franchise. The pocket is an important detail that keeps this item useful in the kitchen creating a nice fusion of cooking flare and video game style.

Bonus: this item is made with Kona Cotton from Robert Kaufman which means that harmful chemicals were NOT utilized in any part of the fabric preparation process.

For purchasing info click on the image!

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