Legend of Zelda Flower Pot by Ginger Pots


This Legend of Zelda flower pot is a great piece of decor for a gamer’s home or bedroom. You can choose different sizes depending of whether you would like to plot a large leafy plant or a small flower for your window. Like bonsai trees?,  there  is a pot for you to care for those delicate trunks here. Ginger Pots decorates the front with an image of  Link, and the back with an image of the Triforce, interchangeably. In addition, the artist and co-shop owner, John Moriarty,  has painted a set of Legend of Zelda hearts on the top circumference. The whole pot is painted by hand and measures 4 3/4″  tall with a  6 1/8″ opening.

Bonus: These pots are available in an array of video game, comic book, and cartoon characters to choose from!

For purchasing info click on the image!

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