Eden of the East: Reviewing Kamen Teacher

Kamen Teacher b

With Kyokuran High School overrun with delinquents, the administrations and teachers have lost hope. That is until a mysterious duo pair of teachers show up. One is Araki Gota; a goof ball and a pervert. The other is the masked teacher Juumonji Hayato.  With his “special lessons,” Juumonji intends to restore order to Kyokuran.

Number of Chapters Available: 37 [Series Complete] Score: 2.5 out of 5

[Eden of the East is an ongoing series showcasing the best from the Land of the East.]

In a nut shell

I have got to be honest for a second. I am a huge fan of a Tokusatsu. Tokusatsu is a genre of Japanese live-action productions that uses a lot of special effects. Think Godzilla. Or for those of us who are children of the 90’s, think Power Rangers. Which is basically a knock off a very popular Japanese Tokusatsu series called, Super Sentai. Anyway, Kamen Teacher strikes my fancy because it is an homage of my favorite Tokusatsu series is Kamen Rider.

I love the references made throughout Kamen Teacher to Kamen Rider. Some characters are named after suit actors or are a combination of actor names from the series. The manga plays off the same styling of Great Teacher Onizuka(GTO) and many other similar series. School is filled with delinquents. Hard as nails teacher shows up and clashes with the students. Students, while not actually stopping being delinquents, begin to ‘reform.’

This formula works and is just plain dandy. But Kamen Teacher isn’t that great of a story. Once you get past the gimmick of Juumonji Hayato being a “Masked Teacher,” who uses violence in the guise of no rule sports, you begin to realize the ongoing appeal isn’t there. It starts off strong, but slowly turns into a GTO clone at the end. Which is disappointing. I was pretty upset that the only charm of the series to me was the Kamen Rider gimmick.


Where do I even start. This is definitely a Seinen manga, meaning it’s target audience is males between the ages of 18-30. The supporting cast of 2-C are all extremely buff and freakishly strong. The leader of the class, Kinzou, is able to punch Araki so hard that Araki flies out a window.

Except for Araki and Juumonji, the cast of the series is forgettable. How forgettable? I’ve read the series 4 times straight through and I can only name 3-4 characters offhand. Two of those characters are Juumonji and Araki. With the series only clocking in 30 chapters, I found it really hard to care to remember anyone’s name. Maybe it was intentional. That the series tricks you into knowing only 4 characters. But after reading series like Eyeshield 21 and Worst, which have huge casts and have gone longer, I have trouble liking series that don’t make me care about background characters.

The Action

There is one thing that Kamen Teacher does very well. The fight scenes are well drawn. Each panel has great line art and it never feels like a blur of motion. I can’t help but be a sucker for good action scenes and with a manga with a non-engaging plot like Kamen Teacher, the action is the saving grace. The best scenes will be the “supplementary lessons” from the early chapters that are a real treat to see. Especially watching Juumonji play a no rules version of futsal.

Final Word

I hate to say it, but Kamen Teacher is a poor read. Unless you are a tokusatsu nut like I am or a fan of the senien genre, then you probably have other things you could be doing with your time. There is one thing to note, that I for one am excited for. Kamen Teacher is being turned into a drama and the promo video looks pretty cool. I’ll leave it below for you all to see. If I find a good sub group subbing the series, I will make sure to share it. You can read Kamen Teacher here.

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