Race to Mars: Turn-based, Realistic Space Tycoon Game Looks Awesome

I am a huge sucker for tycoon games especially when they walk the line of realistic virtual imagination. Most scientists use games and virtual modeling to run the most expensive inventions drills, before actually building a model. Intermarum‘s Race To Mars establishes one goal within the game: to establish a colony on Mars through cutting edge aerospace technologies.

The most amazing aspects of the game is the realism of space-port management and mixture of key economic and strategic features to space explorations. Here are some extra features Intermarum made clear about their new game. [Note: This unedited feature list is made available courtesy of GirlGamerVogue and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Evolve.]

  • The game is being developed in Poland. You may have heard of that country from other well-known developers like CD Projekt RED, Flying Wild Hog, City Interactive, Techland, 11 bit studios and so on.
  • It’s a more realistic take on space exploration than we may be used to from other comparable games. You take charge of a space startup and have to build up your program and business as you race to become the first company to colonize Mars.
  • To aid in the delivery of a realistic experience (that’s still fun, of course), the team is working with a real space company, Poland’s Kosmonauta. They’re also working with The Mars Society to make sure the red planet is properly represented.
  • In the game, you can fight for a bigger budget by attracting more fans and media attention. It’s like my job, but only with space stuff.
  • It’s built in Unity, ensuring that it’ll be available on a wide range of platforms, including Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • They’re only looking for £30,000. That’s not a lot of money, and they’re already almost a third of the way there.

There is an abundance of rewards for all those who donate to the game. From exclusive bundle packs for the game to copies of the game. To help donate to their Kicker Starter or to read more about Race to Mars, click here.

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Narz is CEO/ Founder at Girl Gamer Vogue and Video Game Columnist at KnickerBocker Ledger.


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