Nintendo’s ROB the Robot Lamp by Woody 6 Switch


R.O.B is in da HOUSE! Take this retro lamp home today and be the envy of Nintendo collectors everywhere. The beloved Robotic Operating Buddy has gone from his original purpose in gaming history, to live a second life in our everyday living areas. The unique lamp comes ready to use with lampshade that can be easily replaced if needed; just add a lightbulb! It functions well with up to a 40 watt with incandescent bulbs or up to 100 watts with energy saver bulbs.  The whole lamp measures 19 inches tall and is attached to a 50 inch power cord.

Bonus: This NES Buddy is no longer possesses its gaming capabilities. However, t it does retain some of its other cool features: you can rotate it, and position him to grab small objects.

For purchasing info click on the image!

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