Surviving the Convention Savannah: Tips and Advice for Con Goers

Considering that Connecticon and San Diego Comic Con are both this weekend, I figured I would give you all some convention pointers. I have gone to everything from New York Comic Con to PAX East to major Magic: The Gathering tournaments and I have put together a few ways to make sure your con experience will be the best.

Travel Light

The worst thing I see people doing is carrying way too much to walk on the floor. Sure, you want to carry snacks or water. And at Magic events, it’s tempting to bring every trade binder you own. But the truth of the mater is, the more stuff you carry, the more likely you want to put your bag down. That is the last thing you want to do. You do not want any opportunity for your bag to be stolen. Also, the heavier the bag, the quicker you’re going to get tired. Which means less floor browsing.

Have a Game Plan

This is targeted more to convention goers. Sure, no one likes having an itinerary to follow. But, a game plan makes sure you get to see everything you want to see. Especially with large conventions, there is so many things to see and do. I tend to check out the event schedule as soon as it comes out and plot out how I am going to fit everything in. Sometimes, I will plan visiting booths based on the vicinity of the panel area. It all depends on what you want to get out of the event and if you’re content on missing out on things.


It may sound simple, but I can already see some of you now. Watching all the junk food you eaten at an event and the cans of Monster being consumed as staying hydrated. Nope. Not even close. Make sure to mix in granola bars or trail mix with those Combos you’re eating. Β Also, water. Water Water Water Water. Your body will thank you. Try to pack sandwiches if you can or find out if there is a Subway near the convention center. It will be better for your physical well being if you have at least one real meal during the day.


Nuff said. Hygiene is legit.

Budget Yourself, You’ll Thank Me Later

Sure, this is the con you’ve been looking to all summer. You can’t wait to pick up all the swag you can. ‘OMG, did you that Deadpool poster?’ ‘Oh wow, that little Kirby plushie is soooo cute.’ Slow down there. Make sure you pace your spending. If you spend all your money day one, you’ll be feeling the hurt in the long run. Also, remember that while you might miss some cool stuff, the last day is sometimes the best day to do your shopping. A lot of vendors need to liquidate their stock to make their trip home. This means major discount prices at times!

While not the definitive ‘be all to end all’ list. This should help you guys and gals the next time you go to a major event. And as always, have fun and remember to keep it casual. Β ^_^


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