The Steam Summer Sale is Live!

steam summer sale

The Steam Summer Sale lives! It’s like Christmas in July. And by that I mean I’m spending far more money than planned, for more games than I can hopefully play before school begins for the upcoming semester.

Anyway, I’ve already spent about $15 on Borderlands 2 DLC. I purchased the Season Pass for $10 and change, then the Mechromancer for $3 and a steam punk outfit for another buck. Then I spent $2.24 on Bastion, one of the top rated Indie games out there. I also poured another $10 into the (so far) complete version of Half-Life. Of the other games I’ve seen on sale, all the Bioshock games were 50% off. Darksiders II has been on sale along with the season pass. Don’t Starve, a popular sand-box style indie game is on sale for $8.99. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and all of its DLC has been on sale. Saints Row the Third, Portal 1&2, and Far Cry 3 are all on sale as well. So whether you’re looking to pick up a recent title you’ve held off on purchasing, or you’re looking to begin an established series now is the time to buy. The deals are great, but I warn you: there is about a 99% chance you will spend far more than you’ve planned.

steam sale

As for what I want to see, I really want to see Metro: Last Light on sale for 50% off or more. I’d also really like to see it bundled with Metro: 2033. It’s now on sale for 20%, bundled and not, but I can hope, right? Another game I want for cheap is Dark. While the game launched only a week ago, and is already on sale for $29.99 as opposed to $39.99, I’m hesitant about purchasing it because of the recent abuse of vampires in popular culture and the mixed reviews about the game. I want to see for myself, but I also have bills to pay.

I don’t have any ‘predictions’ outside of what I want to see since it seems Steam has already hit all the games I’ve debated about. I know they’ll surprise me though and I’ll get a notification on my phone about a flash sale, click to ‘add to cart’, and begin to weep for my wallet’s life. The sale began July 11th, and is labeled to end July 22nd so don’t miss out on any of the fantastic deals. This still doesn’t mean we won’t see another secondary sale soon after, but why wait?

Robert Lasure is a writer at Girl Gamer Vogue and PC/3DS Enthusiast.


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