Svenna’s Sweepstakes, Deals & Freebies (7/14 – 7/20)

Hey, sweepers! Hope you’re staying cool this hot summer. There’s a lot of deals, a little sweepstakes, and sadly, no freebies. That’s when you come in! Find an awesome free game you’d like to share with us? Post it in the comments. This series of posts is just as much yours as it is mine. I’d love more input from you.

You have a chance to win an Ouya console, you know, that new gaming system that was backed by Kickstarter last year everyone’s raving about. There’s also the beloved Steam sale happening until July 22. You also have a chance to win a bunch of trading cards and level up your account, a new obsessive way to spend more money.

Catch COD: Black Ops, Sims 3, The Walking Dead expansion, and a Nintendo 3DS with 3 games, too.

As always, may the best sweeper win! And remember, the Girl Gamer Meetup on August 1 in New York City will feature some more awesome giveaways. You don’t want to miss it if you’re in the tri-state area. It’d be the perfect stop on your way to Boston Comic Con.


Win an Ouya!

Ultimate Gamer Sweepstakes – Resident Evil Revelations


Nintendo 3DS with 3 Games – $189.99

Steam Summer Sale – until July 22

Call of Duty: Black Ops (with DLC) – Xbox 360 – $34.99

Grease videogame (Xbox 360 / Ps3) – $9.99

Sims 3 expansion pack – $14.99

Super Mario wall stickers – $29.99

The Walking Dead: 400 Days – $2.49


Assassins Creed 2 (Xbox 360) – thanks MoreOfJosh


Svenna is a writer and the Public Relations Director for Girl Gamer Vogue. For more from Svenna, check out her Twitter Twitch and YouTube Channel.


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