One response to “Mediocrity in Gaming

  1. “Optimal results will occur if you know the mechanism of a game and play it according to the rules. Life is no different.”

    I really enjoyed that line. This post was quite the rabble-rouser! I definitely respect leadership that focuses on empowering people.

    As someone who studied political science and works in the capitol, I often wonder if there aren’t some parallels in our system of government. I have so long been of the opinion that a republic is necessary to a functioning government, especially given the increasingly complex nature of the world we live in. But my work in online organizing has offered some humbling perspective. Even though people as a “mass” or a series of numbers are overwhelming to engage, to write them off without realizing that everyone has a point of connection is probably misguided. It’s all about understanding where someones at and reaching them on their level.

    Okay, now I’m rambling 😉

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