Girl Gamer Meetup: Creating Positive Awareness One Gaming Event At A Time


Girl Gamer Meetup (GGM) sponsored by Girl Gamer Vogue, MashFestNY, Coalition 4 Queens, Battlegrounds, and Chocolate Lemon Gamer held its 6th meetup with a Tekken Tag 2 and Street Fighter AE tournament in New York City. The meetup strives to encourage a community of positive female gamer representation to strengthen the gaming community as a whole under the notion of a good time. Gamers, journalist, designers, writers, programmers, advocates, and activists from as far as Chicago came to the meetup to socialize, network, and compete.

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GGM reintroduced their ‘Pitch it to the Gamers’ segment allowing those doing meaningful projects, website, podcasts, or YouTube videos within the gaming community to pitch for help, support, and donations. The follow organization pitched at the meetup.

NYU Game Center -The NYU Game Center is dedicated to the exploration of games as a cultural form and game design as creative practice. Their approach to the study of games is based on a simple idea: games matter. Just like other cultural forms – music, film, literature, painting, dance, theater – games are valuable for their own sake.

Producer Shannon Sun-Higginson GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming– GTFO is a film exposing the harassment of women in video games. It features gamers, bloggers, scholars, developers, and other experts. Shannon Sun-Higginson will be at GGM conducting interviews for her new documentary GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming. 

Cristafurion and Friends Podcast -The show is led by “the hero,” Cristafurion, who has an inconceivable knack for doing the impossible and leaves his name embedded wherever he goes. His love for all things media has motivated him into finding other fans who also appreciate everything that’s out there!

Gamepress– GamePress allows you to create, share, and play mobile games right on your tablet. With GamePress you don’t need to know any programming, or have graphic design abilities.

Congrats to our tournament winners!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

Ivan 1st Place

BlueFlash 2nd Place

Darkstarr 3rd Place

Street Fighter AE 2012

Poem 1st Place

Manny 2nd Place

Phire 3rd Place

Girl Gamer Meetup organizes events to support and encourage a needed change in the gaming community. By promoting diversity within the gaming community it will produce a culture that inspires excellence and takes pride in revealing what we celebrate as standards that should reflect the video game culture. It is through gaming events they hope to increase equality and camaraderie among genders to impact the gamer culture and create changes that will create positive awareness.

If we do not stand for, support, and promote the highest standards of integrity and respect within the gaming community for males and females, we fail to create a culture worth respecting in the eyes of the public.

Sign up here to check out their upcoming events.

Narz is CEO/ Founder at Girl Gamer Vogue and Video Game Columnist at KnickerBocker Ledger.


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