The Big Bang Theory 11/6/14: The Prom Equivalency Review


Tonight’s episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ involved a delightful surprise as Sheldon experiences deep emotional growth on The Prom Equivalency.

The girls decide to throw a Prom redo in spite of Penny and Sheldon’s reluctance. Aside from his original attempt to pretend to be an alien throughout, Sheldon falls into the Prom spirit and follows all Prom protocols, including donning a secret flask in his coat pocket. However, his excitement turns into dread when Penny and Leonard allude to what other “traditions” usually happen on prom night.

Honestly speaking, throughout this episode it seemed as if something would actually happen between Amy and Sheldon given his scientific spin on his and Amy’s possible sexual encounter that was enough to arouse Penny. But surely being that a social event like Prom and all that comes with it is all new to Sheldon he develops an anxiety attack after diagnosing himself from pulling strangers’ experiences from the Internet.

This was an endearing moment that outlines how much Sheldon and Amy’s relationship embodies that of innocent teenagers acknowledging their hormones for the first time. Their confession of love for one another was even that more enchanting. I suppose it was important to show Sheldon’s personal growth before he actually experiences the physical act of love.

Let’s hope this comes up soon enough!

As far as for the rest of the episode; Howard admits to being jealous of Stewart’s relationship with his mother and now cousin whom he lost his virginity to. Awkward! And Raj’s girlfriend makes another appearance and we learn she enjoys morbid entertainment involving removed limbs and disturbing situations. Meh, I still kind of like her. Let’s see where else the writers will take us with her storyline.
What did you think about Sheldon’s declaration of love for Amy?

Favorite Quotes:

“I love you, too” – Sheldon to Amy

“I just assumed it was balled up in the middle of a barn somewhere.” – Bernadette to Penny about her high school prom dress

“Even though I am not good at reading facial expressions, I can tell you’re turned on right now.” – Sheldon to Penny after his scientific description his foreseeable coitus with Amy

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