About GGVogue

Girl Gamer Vogue began in November 2011 as a venue to create positive awareness for girl gamers while providing news, articles, videos, and fashion. GGVogue distinguishes itself from other gaming websites in hopes to create and identify with a positive representation of the female geek and gamer community.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJennifer “Narz” Vargas is the founder and owner of GGVogue. Honing her skills and devotion for games, she believes in empowering females to delve into gaming freely and expressively in fashion, science, and media. Believing a girl gamer community must uphold a positive image to conquer the negative connotations that has brought them to be misunderstood, she wholeheartedly supports this theory through community gaming events, collaborations with girl gamer communities, continued positive representation of girl gamers in news and media, and active coverage of girls in the gaming industry. By prioritizing the sanctity of the girl gamer, we will produce a culture that protects the female gamers, inspires excellence and takes pride in revealing the things we celebrate as standards that should reflect the video game culture.