Meet The Team

Jennifer “Narz” Vargas

CEO, Owner and Founder

Born and raised in New York City, Narz grew up on video games. Having studied Psychology, East Asian studies, Business, and Japanese at The City of New York Queens College, she writes thought-provoking articles that challenge the current ideals of the video game industry for,, and Knickerbocker Ledger. True to the name gamer, she knows almost every game that has come out or is out. Check out the blog and join the support of Girl Gamers. Check out her Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and Email:

Mildred “MsSpiceGrr” Vargas


Miss SpiceGrr was born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and studied English and Philosophy at the University at Albany. With particular intrigue and experience in retail business for vintage clothing, she hones her skills in writing and fuels GGVogue’s deep sense and passion for gaming with creative expressions of Girl Gamer Chic. She continues to expose this unique style in fashion as it begins to gain popularity among female gamers.

Matthew Lee

Photographer and Filmmaker

Matt Lee is a photographer/musician living in New York City. Having grown up with NES, Super Nintendo and PC Games, he currently does most of his gaming on the Xbox 360. He especially enjoys games on Xbox Live and likes that gaming has become a more and more social hobby in the 21st century.

Valerie “Corky” Dellacava

Fashion Editor and Writer

The first memory of TV watching takes her back to an image of flying ducks and the smooth cold feel of an orange plastic gun. She writes upon request but loves writing about film, videogames and biographies. More of a classical gamer, she spends time relieving NES stages and making comparisons between the old and the upcoming. Her Idols are Audrey Hepburn, Jim Henson, and Charles Shultz. Find her on her Twitter.

Sara “Svenna” Ventura

Director of Public Relations, Writer, and Twitch Streamer

Sara graduated in 2012 with a B.A. in journalism from the University at Albany. She currently works at a public relations firm and writes fiction. She has been a gamer since she was a toddler and grew up with her father and sister’s hand-me-down games. Her favorites are SNES and PS1 RPGs like Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, and the Mana series. She also enjoys LoL, DDR, FPS, HvZ, table top gaming, and drawing. Find her on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.


Krystal “KittieOnALeash” Carr

Writer and Let’s Player

Kittie has been a gamer ever since she was 4 years old, stomping on Goombas. Born in Racine, Wisconsin and now living in Chicago, IL, she is a Computer Science major with a concentration in Game Programming. One thing that may surprise people when they first meet her is how knowledgeable she is with Video Game and Nerd Culture. Having a really goofy/quirky personality that most wouldn’t expect, she’s a techy person with a big creative artsy side too as she also sells gamer jewelry on Etsy. Obsessed with Horror films, Anime and Nu-Metal, she love to Rock On! Check out her Youtube Channel.

Amanda “SageGnosis” Stevens

Tabletop Games Expert, Anime/Manga Correspondent

Amanda has been a geek since her uncle taught her to read through comics. Into everything from comics and anime to League of Legends and LARPing, Amanda tries to be as much of an all rounder as she can be. Currently a Magic: The Gathering judge, she spends a lot of her time keeping up with the rules of the game and coming up with fun decks that break those rules. You are almost always guaranteed to see her at a major Magic event on the Northeast and most cons when she has the time. Feel free to hit her up on twitter.

Guest Bloggers

Heather Hale

Heather Hale

Gamer originally from Pittsburgh, she moved a few years back to get her Masters in Cinema Studies from NYU. Although from a film studies background, her true academic passion is writing about video games. She enjoys Anime, Korean Drama, Bollywood, anything Hayao Miyazaki, and Rise of the VideoGame Zinesters. Check out her blog or find her on Twitter.

Youtube Partners


Gaming Vlogger, Let’s Player, and Comedian

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Bebe has been gaming ever since she could remember. At the age of 10 is when she started PC gaming with Unreal Tournament as her first FPS and Age of Empires as her first RTS. Ever since then she’s grown to love all different types of games. Mainly play xbox and PC., she makes YouTube videos part time and was lucky enough to be partnered with Machinima. As a full time job she is a Multimedia Developer. You’ll see her mainly playing FPS with the occasional RTS games and currently looking for a good RPGMMO 🙂 Check out her Youtube Channel. Email:


Gaming Vlogger, Let’s Player, and Singer

Gaming since she was 5 years old, Aly started off on Nintendo with duck hunt. Born and raised in NYC, she is studying Graphic Design. She’s down to earth, very relaxed, easy going, and fun to hang out with. Many of her YouTube fans realized that she’s not the typical gamer girl, she’s not looking for attention, and she’s just like any normal person who games. She plays Halo and COD competitively and is an avid gamer YouTuber and cosplayer. Check out her Youtube Channel.



Gaming Vlogger, Let’s Player, Game News Report

Eleni (known on YouTube as KawaiiGamerGrl) was born in San Francisco, where she currently resides. She is best known for her many “Let’s Plays” and “Cheap Gaming News” segments. However, she also studies animation and visual effects, focusing on concept art, and plans on becoming part of creating the games she so enjoys in the future. Aside from gaming, she is also deeply immersed in the cosplay, anime and Sci-Fi culture and you may find her skulking about various conventions. Her passion for these things, as with most, stems from childhood fixations and has followed her into her adulthood. Lastly, while understanding the stigma associated with the phrase “girl gamer” and while being female doesn’t define her, she does affirm to the belief that female gamers do not need to be gender ambiguous in order to be legitimized. Check out her Youtube channel here.