Freelance Video Game Reporter and Journalist Matt Hughes is Dead

According to reports, freelance video game writer Matt Hughes dies by suicide in a report by Kotaku, Joystiq, and Twitter. It is one of the most daunting and sorrowful moments when one of our own perishes by their own hands. Depression is no joke and the serious implications to it are worse when left unattended. Matt Hughes was an admired and respected journalist from Commerce, Michigan. On Tuesday morning, Hughes sent an email to several editors stating he would no longer contribute to the websites because he would be dead.

Not many of them took his seriously, but GamesRadar editor Sophia Tong did. Calling the police station in Hughes’ hometown, his death had already been confirmed.  Hughes was mentioned to be a talented and positive writer who grew excited with new experience and opportunities. Many offer condolences to his Twitter @MottHoos. With such a promising future suddenly devastated , many journalist are now reaching out to anyone whom might also be suffering.

We at GGVogue offer our sincere condolences to the colleagues, friends and family of Matthew Hughes.


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